Cormorant Hunt Fall 2020

The following has been announced by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry:

A new annual hunt to cull increasing flocks of double breasted Cormorants across Ontario will begin Sept 15 and end Dec 31 2020  It is supported by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters.

The timing is to avoid risking public safety with summer recreational pursuits by boaters and anglers.

 The daily limit is 15 birds.

“The Cormorant hunt will alleviate pressures on fish stocks by these ravenous large birds and reduce their acidic droppings which kill shoreline vegetation and other aquatic birds’ nesting habitat…certain Cormorant roosting islands have been rendered treeless and lifeless.”

The Ministry of Natural Resources has added a new hunting season this year – for cormorants.   From September 15 to end of year hunters will be able to shoot cormorants, to a maximum of 15 per day from their boats.   Shotguns only are allowed, which have a range of about 100 m.   Given the large number of cormorants in our area, we can expect more hunters on the water this fall.   Given that cormorants are inedible, this is recreational hunting only.  Note that hunters are not allowed on private property without landowner permission.  However there is no restriction on hunting from any water body, provided that the boat is stationary.