Georgian Bay Association

Are you Interested in getting more involved with the Georgian Bay Association?

As most of you know, the Georgian Bay Association (GBA) is an advocacy group made up of Directors from across the 19 community associations, including Manitou. It represent the interests of those member associations to all levels of government and others, to preserve the unique characteristics, and ensure the careful stewardship of Georgian Bay.

Manitou Association is one of the smaller cottage associations that make up the broader GBA, and due to our size, we’re continuously looking for people who are passionate about the Bay, to get involved.

Jamie Drayton has been Manitou’s GBA Director for 3 years (it was Darin Buckland before him, and John Wilson before Darin).

If you or someone you know in Manitou has interest in getting involved, or just learning more about these volunteer opportunities, please reach out and let’s find time to chat!