Old Bones

A site addition by Ian Baines.

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This section is called Old Bones because it shows what Georgian Bay would have looked like back when steamships were the only way of getting here, rowboats and small wooden put-puts were the height of technology and the ice box kept butter and cheese fresh.   People came to the Bay to get as far away from the city as possible and enjoy a leisurely pace that required fishing for dinner, hammock time in the afternoon and meeting the steamship for groceries and chit chat.  A simpler time that we all still wish for.

The photos are all mine.   I took them on my travels around Manitou and with the permission of the owners.   Whenever I saw something that stirred in me a distant memory of that long gone time I took a photo.  I find them soothing as they speak to me of what it must have felt like to be a visitor in the nineties (the 1890s), or coming north in the twenties when steam still ruled the Bay or even as late as the forties when the war raged overseas but the pines whispered the winds and the storms still raced across the water. 

See if you don’t feel the same calming feeling when you look at these old places and reflect on the love and the pride that their owners felt.   These photos are all from the 21st century, so they are not old photos per se, but modern snap shots from the time machine that still exists here in Manitou.